Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a painting that has been in progress for about 2 years. Mostly just in my head though. I never really started it even though I had all the photos and had done my research. I just couldn't paint him at the time. Can't really say except I wasn't painting much of anything for a while. Just too bogged down by reality I guess. But I started cleaning up my studio and found the pics and somehow I just knew the time was right. The painting flowed so easily.

This is Hercules. He belonged to a friend who I have never met except through email. We have bunnies in common. Here's to you Leslie.
11x14, Oil on Canvas

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday's Paint Out in Downtown Morrison, CO

Yesterday the PAAC group met in historic, downtown Morrison, CO. It was really a fabulous morning although the wind got to be a bit wild. Several people painted under the pink trees (don't know what kind they are) and painted the pink house! It was a lovely spot, but I went for a shadow and light painting of backlit cottonwoods and a local restaurant (Beso de Arte). The trees were just starting to get some buds here and there while others are still bare.

Under the Cottonwoods
Morrison, Colorado
11x14, Oil on Canvas Board