Sunday, April 25, 2010

Join the Farm

I just joined the Grant Farms CSA. Community Supported Agriculture.

Did you know that you can buy organic produce, eggs, bread, meat and dairy directly from the farmers who grow and produce these things? And I'm not talking about going to the Farmers Market or joining a food coop. With a CSA you can purchase a share of the harvest and all year long you will receive whatever is in season. And even better for us, our pick-up location is about 3 minutes away! That's even closer than the local supermarket by about 5 miles!

I just purchased a share of produce and a half-share of eggs. So from June till December my husband and I will received all kinds of fresh produce and eggs from hens that aren't stuffed into a coop for their entire lives. We can even go visit the farm! So one of these days, we will take a trip to northern Colorado and visit the farm. Seems like a really wonderful way to support local agriculture, reduce shipping costs and greenhouse gases, eat organically and enjoy some new veggies too.

This should work out very well with our Meatless Monday commitment too!

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