Thursday, December 30, 2010

December at Matthews Winters Park

Two weeks ago the PAAC group met at Matthews Winters Open Space Park for our weekly paint out. It was pretty dry and dusty - no snow for the end of the year.
Winter Fields
Pastel on Wallis Paper
18 x 12

Monday, May 10, 2010


This is a painting that has been in progress for about 2 years. Mostly just in my head though. I never really started it even though I had all the photos and had done my research. I just couldn't paint him at the time. Can't really say except I wasn't painting much of anything for a while. Just too bogged down by reality I guess. But I started cleaning up my studio and found the pics and somehow I just knew the time was right. The painting flowed so easily.

This is Hercules. He belonged to a friend who I have never met except through email. We have bunnies in common. Here's to you Leslie.
11x14, Oil on Canvas

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday's Paint Out in Downtown Morrison, CO

Yesterday the PAAC group met in historic, downtown Morrison, CO. It was really a fabulous morning although the wind got to be a bit wild. Several people painted under the pink trees (don't know what kind they are) and painted the pink house! It was a lovely spot, but I went for a shadow and light painting of backlit cottonwoods and a local restaurant (Beso de Arte). The trees were just starting to get some buds here and there while others are still bare.

Under the Cottonwoods
Morrison, Colorado
11x14, Oil on Canvas Board

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plein Air Painting on the Colorado Trail

Yesterday I went with Tricia Bass and Lynne Milliken up to Breckenridge to paint on the Colorado Trail. We met up with their friend Amy who is also a wonderful painter and the 4 of us hiked up the trail a short way and set up our easels. A couple of furries went along too - Tricia's dogs Noelle and Raisin. We all got a bit muddy since we seemed be in the middle of the spring runoff. My new Sketchers took a bit of beating!

Off the Trail
11 x 14, oil on canvas panel

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Artists With Altitude Presents...."To Denver With Love"

My artist group "Artists With Altitude" is pleased to announce our first Denver art show down in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, CO. We will be hosted by Alpine Fine Arts Center (previously called The Standing Sun Gallery) at 826 Santa Fe Drive.

The opening is on Friday night, May 21st from 6 to 9 pm. Come join us for a glass of wine and view the art of 12 dedicated working artists. The show will hang from May 21st through May 30, 2010.

Join the Farm

I just joined the Grant Farms CSA. Community Supported Agriculture.

Did you know that you can buy organic produce, eggs, bread, meat and dairy directly from the farmers who grow and produce these things? And I'm not talking about going to the Farmers Market or joining a food coop. With a CSA you can purchase a share of the harvest and all year long you will receive whatever is in season. And even better for us, our pick-up location is about 3 minutes away! That's even closer than the local supermarket by about 5 miles!

I just purchased a share of produce and a half-share of eggs. So from June till December my husband and I will received all kinds of fresh produce and eggs from hens that aren't stuffed into a coop for their entire lives. We can even go visit the farm! So one of these days, we will take a trip to northern Colorado and visit the farm. Seems like a really wonderful way to support local agriculture, reduce shipping costs and greenhouse gases, eat organically and enjoy some new veggies too.

This should work out very well with our Meatless Monday commitment too!

Birthday Party in Breckenridge

My wonderful friend Debbie J has a beautiful ski getaway in Breckenridge. She just hosted a birthday party there for me and my friend Debbie K. Instead of shopping or skiing, it was a painting and cake eating birthday weekend.

I decided to keep it simple and just paint some things on hand at Debbie beautiful home. She had some nice floral arrangements that made for wonderful still life subjects. Both used the same palette, so they look nice together!

Floral Study with Pears
11x 14, Oil on Panel

Floral Study with Oranges
11x14 Oil on Canvas Panel

Why Meatless? (Join the Meatless Monday Movement)

Why Meatless?

I like anything with a face - especially if it's a furry face. Why should we eat our furry friends when there are so many other things to eat? Plus eating more plant based foods is so much better for your heart. So, be good to your heart and be good to the planet at the same time.

Want to learn more - visit the web site

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just back from Sayulita Mexico

I just spent a week in Sayulita, Mexico with 4 other women who are all painters for the Evergreen area. Our friend Jean has a house on a hill just over downtown Sayulita. We could walk down to the square and to the beach from her place. We had a great time going out painting, exploring Sayu and eating out. I did great for most of the week but the last night I was visited by the ghost of Montezuma. ugh. Fortunately I wasn't sick on the plane trip home but didn't feel great. But I sure was glad to get home. Still feel a little yucky.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time painting and even had a little art show our last night there. We call it the First Annual Sayulita Art Festival. We all sold paintings and had a little less to carry home. Here is one right around back from where I stayed.

Jan's Laundry
8x10, Oil on panel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

100 for $100 Center for the Arts Evergreen

Every year our local art center does a fundraising event called 100 for $100. One hundred artists donate a piece of art, one hundred people buy a ticket for $100. Then they call your number and you get to pick from the 100 pieces of art, that is, if your number is the first one called. You get the idea. It's not a whole lot of fun to be the 100th person called since there isn't much to choose from.

As an artist making a donation, I must admit it is a bit tricky. You don't want to donate something very large or something that is your very best work because you want to reserve those pieces for entering into shows and/or sales venues. On the other hand, you sure don't want to donate something terrible because your artwork speaks for you even when you aren't present! And of course, you don't want your piece to be the last one chosen. So, you try to find a piece worth at least $100 that you want people to want!!!!!

Anyway, it's never an easy choice. This year I'm donating a rather large painting because I don't have many small pieces that I'm ready to give up. Sometimes my small studies need to hang around in case I want to use them to paint a larger painting. So, I'm donating a 20x24 gallery wrapped canvas with deep edges. I think it's got a nice mood, but I have never show it or gotten any feedback, so I really don't know how it will be viewed. Will anyone want it???  I sure hope so. It's a view looking down into one of our open space parks here in Evergreen.

Noble Meadow
20x24, Oil on Canvas

Monday, March 1, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Well here we go. I'm posting several paintings from the last few months. They were in a show and I never had time to photograph them. But the show is over so I'm quickly taking pics before sending them off to the next stop.

The first if from last tuesday's paint out at Bluff Lake.  Then a couple from last summer at Evergreen Lake and Broce Ranch. All were done plein air.

Winter, Bluff Lake, 8x10

Backlit, Evergreen Lake, 16 x 20

Summer Reflections, Broce Ranch, 12 x 16

Morning Light, Evergreen Lake, 8 x 10

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's been a crazy week...

Made a little jewely and worked on a little pianting. Have to photograph my painting from Tuesday so I can add it. But here is a little sparkle for now...
Carnelian faceted briolettes and fine silver paillettes on delicate silver chain

Monday, February 22, 2010

No time for art today... just time for bunnies

Took little bunny to the vet today. She had a terrible abcess on her jaw last year and it's coming back just a little bit. The vet said to watch it so we could fix it early before she would need to have surgery. To fix a large abcess on a bunny, you have to open the abcess and keep it open because it will not drain - it must be flushed out daily to get all the gunk out cuz the gunk is thick like toothpaste. The only way to keep the wound open is to sew it open - they call it marsupializing the abcess. Weird, eh? Anyway, we did not have to to that this time cuz the abcess is very small, but I will still have to flush it daily. Little Daisy bunny is soooo tiny and I'm trying to put some weight on her. Here she is:

She is a foster bunny and she and her husbunn Thumper are available for adoption through the Evergreen Animal Protective League

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day of Jewelry

Yesterday my friend Mireya and I spent the afternoon at my studio making jewelry and goofing around. I had several projects that I had started but hadn't finished yet. So that's what I worked on. You can see them in my Etsy shop at the top of my blog. But, since the etsy shop changes daily, I'll post a few pics.

These are made using antique stampings and filigree. Some of the molds for the stampings are quite old - around the turn of the last century. I love antique jewelry and it's so exciting to be able to buy these stampings that originated so long ago. They are made of brass and then oxidized for a nice aged patina. Just beautiful.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Standing in an old barn...

About 2 weeks ago my painting class with Doug Dawson from the Art Students League of Denver did a plein air class at the Arboritum at the Chatfiled Preserve Botanical Gardens. There is an old farm there with a farmhouse, barns, old buggies and some sheep and goat and chickens too. I stood in the barn and did my plein air study. It was dark - couldn't see my paints very well and once in a while a goat or sheep peeked in to say hello. It was a lot of fun!

Here is my study - I took it back to my studio and worked on it but I don't think I'm quite done with it yet.

12 x 16, oil on panel

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday's Paint Out at Lair of the Bear

Last week sometime I joined PAAC - Plein Air Artists of Colorado. It's a group of local artists who paint outside every tuesday at various locations in the area. Since I know quite a few of the artists, I thought it would be fun to join and share the experience while finding new painting spots. So, here this tuesday's location shot and my painting done plein air. I like it but need to live with it for a little while to see what it needs.

here is the image from that day with one of the other artists (Cliff) at his easel.

Does it work?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunken Treasures

"Sunken Treasures"
Wire wrapped fantasy necklace of pink Peruvian opals, pearls, shell, crystal,
cherry quartz, labradorite, all wire wrapped with thin silver wire. More pearls and crystals spill
out of the silver nautilus bead! yummy. 

A few paintings

 Antique Pipe Bags
12 x 16, Oil on Canvas Board

Copper Pot and Oranges
16 x 20, Oil on Linen 

Pics, Pics and more pics...

Wire Mesh Lace With Swarovski Galactic Red Magma Crystal

"Think Spring Bangle Bracelet"
Wire Wrapped Peruvian Pink Opals, Cherry Quartz and Silver Bali Beads 

Wire Mesh Lace, Crystal, Pearl and Filigree Wrapped Green Turquoise Necklace 

Hand crafted fine silver birds nest pendant necklace made with PMC precious metal clay,
jasper beads and pearls 

So, this is a little of what I've been working on for the last few months.... 

Starting all over again

I just set up a new web site for my jewelry, set up an Etsy store to sell my jewelry, and updated my artist (painting) site to bring it up to date and worked on my artist statement. Whew. Now, I've made a vow to start blogging again. It's been a while since I've done that. I think I got too blown away by our disgusting economy and shut down for a while. But, now I'm trying to get things back together again.

In the last year or more, I've kept up with my painting, although I can't claim to be a Daily Painter the way I set out to be. In the meantime, I started beading with some friends, and now  I'm addicted to making jewelry and painting! Not easy considering I also had to start working more again. So, I go a little crazy trying to keep it all together.

I decided to sign up for an Artist Salon. The goal is to work on our marketing. It's based on a book and web site by Alyson Stanfield. Over about three months time, a group of us meet on a regular bases to set and meet goals related to expanding our artist careers. So I've set a lot of goals. And blogging is one of them. So, here I go again.

This time around though, I will talk about my paintings and my jewelry. Two fun subjects where the learning never stops.  So, here are a few links to what I have been doing:

My art web site:
My Etsy store:
My jewelry web site:

That was easy. Now if I could only figure out how to add some images!