Monday, May 26, 2008

Dahlias in Silver

Dahlias in a silver pitcher on an oriental rug. I never finished painting the rug because I had to return the dvd... This is my second painting done with a dvd by Robert Johnson. This was pretty hard but I had a good time painting it and learned a lot from the dvd. He has a great process and I like the way he applies thick paint. I wanted to set up my own still life but my dahlias never opened up enough, so I painted along with the video which I don't recommend. It's much better to have your own still life to work with. I don't know if I can paint the same way without watching the video, but it will be good to try it on my own and see if I can duplicate his process and impasto!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pansies in a Teacup

Pansies in a Teacup
8x10 - Oil on Canvas Board
Here is a little painting of more pansies! I'm still in my "pansy period" I guess. Anyway, the teacup is supposed to have a floral design on it but I'm not sure I'm going to add it. Maybe that's too fussy? The teacup has violets painted on it. I may glaze them on...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pansies on Red Rug

Pansies on Red Rug
Oil on Canvas - 16 x 20

Here was my set up for the pansies on the red rug. I had rented a dvd called Painting Pansies by Robert Johnson and my friend Debbie and I decided to paint along with the dvd. I set up a similar still life to the one he does on the dvd. He makes it look so easy! But after a while I had too much paint - especially on my background - and it was turning into goo. So I thought I better scrape it off and let it set up a little. I came back to it yesterday and finished it and I like it but the technique I was trying for didn't quite come into fruition. BUT, with that said, the dvd was really good and I'm going to try it again. Watching him put in the pansies was great and I was doing pretty well with that, it was just laying in the background color that hosed me because it didn't stay light and airy as I had wanted.
I'm going out of town for a week so this will be my last post for a little while!

Pansy Study

Pansy Study - Pastel
12 x 16
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This was my first attempt at pansies - did it before the painting below but forgot to post it! This is a lot looser and sketchier than the still life painting. I'm having so much fun painting pansies that I even did one more in oil that I will post later today. Will go over to the studio and take a picture of it.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Pansy Still Life
Pastel - 18 x 24
Boy am I ready for spring. Today is May 2nd and it was cold and windy and yesterday we had snow. But in my studio it's spring! Yippee!