Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunflower Study (version 2)

Oil on Canvas Panel
8 x 10
Here are my completed sunflowers. Now that I have a lot of art events behind me (September is a busy month for art around here) I intend to spend a lot more time painting small studies. This one was done pretty quickly - just wanted to experiment with the color palette. I like the colors and the looseness.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yellow Umbrella

Yellow Umbrella
8 x 10
Oil on Masonite
I goofed a little - this painting was done yesterday and the sunflowers were done today (Sunday, September 23rd). Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Yesterday we were at a "Paint Out' which is part of our local plein air event. I decided to experiment with both my yellow purple palette and a masonite panel that I had prepared a while ago. I wanted to start painting on masonite because I thought I'd like the hard surface and thought they would be great for plein air painting. I had a lot of trouble with them at first. I think the problem was due to some cheap paints that were purchased in a pinch when I ran out of some colors. They just slid all over the masonite surface! Anyway, I decided to try again with my good paints. So, yesterday I sat in the shade and just goofed around making this painting. I couldn't see very well since I didn't have may glasses, but thought it might add to the impressionistic effect! Anyway, I sort of like the painting but I'm not all that crazy about the flat texture of the masonite. The brushstrokes look sort of messy to me and just lay there! I will probably continue to experiment with the masonite surface but for now I still prefer canvas.
Here is a surprise - I entered this into the plein air event and won my first blue ribbon. First Place/Oil!

Sunflower Study - Yellow/Purple Palette

Sunflower Study
8 x 10
Canvas Panel
Here is my yellow-purple palette again. I'm working on a study of some sunflowers. It's pretty cool to see how you can bring the greens into the background without making muddy colors! I may add a little more to this painting later on. Right now it's very wet!

Red Green Limited Palette

During the second day of the studio tour, I worked on my red/green limited palette. Again, the colors that this palette created were pretty interesting. I need to mix some of the darks with some white so they will "reveal" themselves. It will be interesting to use this palette. I'm going to start experimenting with this palette soon. At the moment, I'm still using my yellow/purple palette.

The Lovers

Here is a painting done with my yellow/purple palette. It is of a statue in front of Bear Creek at the Highland Haven Creekside Inn. It's one of the painting locations that is part of the plein air event being sponsored by our local art center. This was painted on a 6x8 panel. The colors are hard to differentiate in this photo, but there are a great number of subtle greens in this tiny painting.

Yellow Purple Palette

Last weekend, September 16 and 17, I was involved in our local artist studio tour. Since I didn't want to try to paint with lots of interruptions, I decided to work on complimentary color charts. I've been reading a book called the Yin Yang of Painting and the author teaches you to use compliments to create yin and yang paintings by using opposites - light/dark, warm/cool - and opposites on the color wheel. This is my yellow/purple palette. After I did this I painted a few paintings with this palette and it makes beautiful color harmonies and really nice greens! How surprising to discover that this palette mixes such beautiful greens, earth tones and grays.

Color Chart (in progress)

Here is the chart I'm doing for my class instructed by Jane Jones at the Denver Art Students League. It includes warm and cool versions of each primary and secondary color as well as some earth tones, white and black. It's not quite finished - I still need to add my earth tones. This chart has two inch squares that I've been mixing with a palette knife. Some of the colors are so dark that they only reveal themselves if you add white. I've discovered that some of my colors create mixes that I never would have imagined! It's tedious but fascinating. I will continue working on this chart until its done and then we will be working on value scales, intensity charts, etc. It's a slow process but I'm learning things that I would never know if I didn't just slow down and do this!

Playing Catch Up

Well it seems like I haven't been painting since I don't have many new paintings - but I've actually been painting a lot. Since I'm having a hard time getting anything done that I like, I decided to paint all around the process of painting. In other words, I'm experimenting. I've been creating lots of color charts. It started in my class at the Art Students League and that motivated me to do the same thing with the complimentary palettes. I've learned a lot about color mixing and have also learned about some of my tube colors - turns out some of them are mostly oil and filler - not much pigment! I usually use Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils along with some Winsor and Newton, but when I run out, I've been supplementating with some other brands that aren't so great. I found out the hard way... Anway, I'm going to post my color charts and a few paintings.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Open Door Studios

This has been the weekend of the Open Door Studio Tour here in Evergreen. Since my studio is under construction, I was the guest artist at the office of our sponsor Fuller Towne & Country Real Estate. It was a busy weekend and I sold a lot of paintings. With so many people coming and going, I didn't paint a painting, but instead worked on complementary color palettes. It was a real learning experience mixing colors I would never have dreamed of mixing! And the visitors on the tour were very interested too - especially since so many people on the tour are artists themselves! So, it was a very productive weekend. Tomorrow I will post the two palettes I completed - the purple/yellow and the red/green. Also tomorrow I will get back to painting again. This weekend event was quite time consuming but worth it in the end. It always feels good to sell paintings!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paint and Scrape

Well I have no new paintings to post. I've been painting daily, but at the end of the session I scrape what I've done. It's very frustrating. I think I'm in a transition time. Too many things going on. I've over-extended myself yet again. This weekend I will be in our local studio tour where once a year a bunch of local artists open up their studios for people to take a tour. However, I won't be in my own studio since it is under construction. So I'm a guest artist at the offices of one of the sponsors of the tour. I have to drag all my stuff to their office, set up for Saturday and Sunday and then bring it all home. What was I thinking???? On top of that I'm supposed to be painting plein air for the "Paint, Sculpt, Shoot" event that is taking place at the some time. And I'm in the middle of our construction project. So, I paint... then I scrape. Too much stress. I'll try again tomorrow and the next day, and the next day...